Taste The Best In Local Flavors At These Seafood Restaurants

Lexington Park seafood

If Maryland is known for one thing, it’s seafood. You probably know about how amazing the seafood is in the local area, especially if you’ve been living here for quite some time. But when you are craving some seafood, where should you go? That’s easy. There are so many different seafood restaurants near Lexington Park. You just need to know about the very best ones. Next time you are feeling seafood for dinner, check out these amazing local options. You’re going to love chowing down at these popular eateries.

The Lighthouse Restaurant & Dock Bar

Want a nice evening out of the house? Then head on over to The Lighthouse Restaurant & Dock Bar. The food at this place is hard to beat. You have to get the oysters. They are some of the best you will ever have. Oh, and the rockfish is also a really popular option. Or maybe you just want something on the lighter side. If so, try the cream of crab soup. You’ve probably never had seafood soup that tastes this good. And if you’re on a budget, no worries. This place is pretty affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank just to enjoy a delicious dinner at this seafood restaurant.

Captain Pat’s Seafood

You know how some of the places with the best food are pretty casual looking? That’s certainly the case when you go to Captain Pat’s Seafood. This seafood restaurant is as casual as can be, making it a great place to stop for lunch or when you want a lazy dinner. But the food is far from subpar. In fact, it’s some of the best seafood in the area, so you have to come check it out.

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Ruddy Duck Seafood and Alehouse

If you want to dine someplace with a gorgeous view, you have to make a stop at Ruddy Duck Seafood and Alehouse. You’ll get to eat right on the water, which makes your meal even better. Of course, the food is worth mentioning too. Not only is it really tasty, but it always comes out beautifully prepared. That really makes this seafood restaurant a good spot for celebrations and other fun events with family and friends.

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