St. Clement’s Island Museum

St. Clement’s Island Museum

If you have lived in Maryland for some time, you are probably well aware that the area has a rich history. In fact, some of the most important moments in this nation’s history took place in and around Maryland. However, you may not know much about the past before a certain point. Well, you’re in luck. When you go to the St. Clement’s Island Museum, you can learn all about the very early history of the area. For example, did you know that the first colonial landing in Maryland took place in the year 1634? You will learn about this and so much more when you pay a visit to this exciting museum.

Hours of Operation

This museum isn’t always open, so you need to know when it’s open so that you can plan when to visit. While it has longer hours in the summer, it is only open from noon until 4 p.m., from Thursday through Monday, during the winter. But don’t worry. That will still give you a chance to look through the exhibits and learn a lot in the process.

Religious Tolerance

In history class, you may have learned that some of the first settlers who came to what is now known as the United States took a trip to the New World in search of religious freedom. However, George Calvert, who was the first Lord of Baltimore, came to the area with a mission to create a colony that was tolerant of religious ideals. Not only did he have this in mind, but his sons also played a huge role in implementing his vision. You can learn all about George Calvert, his family, and more when you go to the museum.

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Little Red Schoolhouse

Ever wondered what school was like centuries ago? You can find out when you visit the Little Red Schoolhouse at the St. Clement’s Island Museum. This one-room schoolhouse is from the 19th century, and it will give you an inside look into what the area’s past must have been like.

You can see this and so much more when you visit the St. Clement’s Island Museum. Make a whole day out of it, and you will leave the museum with a new outlook on the area’s history.

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